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"Our Fishing Tales"

TESTIMONIALS - Where people tell us about their experience with the theperfectjig.com products;

"I use The Perfect Jig because they catch fish! My catch numbers have more than doubled since Kevin introduced me to his jigs. I've fished most of the Oregon coastal streams and rivers, plus the north and south Santiam rivers, side drifting and running plugs with good success, now living in NE Oregon, fishing the Wallowa, Grand Ronde, Imnaha rivers, jig fishing is probably one of the most productive ways to catch steelhead any where. The quality materials and fish catching colors make these one tough jig. I've used other brands but these out fish the competition! Hands down!" Greg Scott, Oregon

"I went steelhead fishing for the first time in my life and had a blast! I was using The Perfect Jig and caught 7 fish in 2 days! These jigs are really hot and they definitely catch fish!" Shane H., Nevada.

"Throughout the 2007-2008 Steelhead season in North Eastern Oregon, I spent countless days on the Grande Ronde, and the Wallowa rivers. Over the course of the season, I was lucky enough to catch many fish. The majority of those fish where caught on custom jigs tied by ThePerfectJig.com. There was a dominate color pattern for the rivers I fished, though ThePerfectJig.com offers many different colors and styles of jigs that are all proven to catch fish, and I am confident they will work on any river that has salmon and steelhead. The quality of the jigs is outstanding. On one jig alone, I managed to catch 7 fish and that jig showed no evidence of wear what so ever. I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin and his fishing partners Bill and Wendy early in the season. From what I saw on the river through out the entire season very few people had as much success fishing for steelhead as they did. I am confident it was not only due to the sheer level of skill each had, but also the quality of gear each of the anglers was using from ThePerfectJig.com." Jared - Northeast Oregon.

"I meet Kevin on the river early one morning. He had just landed his first of several fish before the day would come to a close. I asked him what he was using and he gladly told me. In fact, he gave me one of his jigs that he had just caught his fish on and told me to give it a try. Within the next 45 minutes, I too was into my first fish of the day......... I ended up with three fish for the day thanks to the "Clown Jig" that Kevin had given me to try." I still have that jig and it looks just like it did the moment I first tied it on. They truly are a work of art.......... I'm hooked. Thanks Kevin for the intro to the "Clown Jig"...... Mike T. Pendleton, Oregon

"A big Thank You to you and your staff for the nice jigs and helpful hints on how to fish them. I had always been a bait fisherman mainly but my wife had ordered some of your jigs for me for a birthday present so I thought I would give them a try.............Wow............. they worked. Thanks for the free bobber and in-line weight. ThePerfectJig.com now has a permanent place on my PC, so when I need jigs or just some friendly helpful instruction, I know right where to go............ Thanks again." Randy and Sara Lucas, Washington State

"Nice Site Kevin and your jigs are some of the nicest I've ever used. Hope I can get my photo in your gallery this year." Monty S., Northern Idaho